• This machine is designed to cope with precise requirements of thin films such as Copper foil, Al. foil…etc.
  • Rigid frame -- Both side panels are assembled with the base on heavy steel, assure tram and vibration free operation.
  • Driven system -- AC SERVER motor with tacho-generator, and transmit by timing belt, It includes functions as soft start, soft stop, emergency stop. All controls are located on control panel in the front of machine.
  • Unwind tension control -- Equipped with powder brake and automatic tension controller to get the optimum tension on unwind side at high speed.
  • Rewind tension control -- Equipped with auto tension control LOAD CELL and Air-Friction Shaft.
  • Web guide system --Edge position controller to guarantee the slitting margin very accurate in the range of ±0.1mm
  • Rewind arm -- Equipped with Air-Friction Shaft.
  • Knife System -- Equipped with GANG CUT and SHEAR CUT system, it was designed by cassette, so it can be shifted easy.
  • Edge waste trimming -- By united axle rewind.
  • Easy maintenance -- Hinge-out electric for easy maintenance.
  • Special design of any width slitting is available.
  • Web: 1/3~1 OZ pure Cu or compound Film 20~180um
  • Unwind Width: 650mm
  • Unwind Diameter: Max. Φ500mm
  • Unwind Core I.D.: Φ76/152mm
  • Rewind Diameter: Max. Φ250mm
  • Rewind Core I.D.: Φ76mm
  • Slit Width: 250mm
  • Machine Speed: 50M/min
  • Running Speed: Depending on material quality and slitting width to be processed.
  • Unwind and Rewind: By Different Side.
  • Operation Panel: Touch Control Monitor
  • Power: AC 380V 50Hz 3Φ 4w
  • Air Supply: 5 Kg/cm2
  • Machine Size: (L) 1800 x (D) 1900 x (H) 1450 mm
Ground Base 1 set
Flank Plate 2 pcs
Main Transmission AC ServoMotor(Japanese 2KW). 1 pc
Motor Control System (Japanese) 1 set
Main Transmission Roller 1 pc
Nip Roller 1 set
Meter Counter 1 set
PLC 1 set
Air System (Japanese) 1 set
Operation Control Box 1 pc
GANG CUT System, Including:
Interval Ring of Surface Hardened (250mm) 2 pcs
Interval Ring of Sealing Glue (250mm) 2 pcs
Upper and Lower Knife total 6 pcs
Knife Base 1 set
Brush Cleaner for Dust 1 set
SHEAR CUT System, Including:
Upper Knife Shaft 1 pc
Lower Knife Shaft 1 pc
Upper Knife 3 pcs
Fixed Ring of Upper Knife 3 sets
Lower Knife 3 pcs
Interval Ring of Lower Knife 2 sets
Knife Base 1 set
Fixed Base of Knife Shaft 2 sets
Shaftless Unwind Unit (with 3”/6” clasp) 1 set
Powder Brake 5kg-M (Japanese) 1 set
LOAD CELL (Germany E+L) 1 pc
EPC (Germany E+L) 1 set
Auto Tension Control System (Germany E+L) 1 set
Adjustment Roller for Material Thickness 1 set
Pressure Roller 1 set
Material Connecting Unit (Manual type with pressure stick) 1 set
Rewind AC Servo Motor (Japanese 2KW) 1 pc
Motor Control System (Japanese) 1 set
O.D. Check Control System 2 sets
Tracing Roller Control System 2 sets
Tracing Roller Motor (60W). 1 set
Tracing Roller 2 pcs
Air-Friction Shaft (3”) 2 pcs
Air Adapter 2 pcs
Auto Tension Controller (Germany E+L) 1 set
E-P Hyreg (Japanese SMC) 2 sets
Rewind Safe Lock 2 sets


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