Capacitor Winding Machine
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Electrolytic Capacitor Winders - UNITRONIC


Electrolytic Capacitor Winder

Our company is specialized of comprehensive experience in developing and providing high-class Electrolytic Capacitor Winder for many industries. We have a team of efficient quality inspectors who make sure our products are manufactured as per the excellent standards.
  • This automatic winding machine is designed for terminal type of large aluminum electrolytic capacitor for industrial apparatus, control circuits, etc.
  • This machine is equipped with automatic tension control system, it can wind higher accurate aluminum electrolytic elements. Tension controlled by.
  • The Tab attaching system uses machinery stitching
  • The mechanisms are new developed, which makes stable winding for aluminum electrolytic elements.
  • he control system uses PLC and touch screen system
Model URAE-210 URAE-220
Mandrel Size 10~12mm 10mm
Winding Diameter 35~76mm Max.90mm
Winding Width Max.220mm Max.220mm
Winding Material Foil ID 40mm 40mm
OD 270mm 270mm
Width 30~200mm Max.200mm
Paper ID 40mm 40mm
OD 270mm 270mm
Width 40~210mm Max.220mm
Tab ID 40mm 40mm
OD 270mm 270mm
Width Max.7mm Max.7mm
Outside Wrap Wrap Type Tape Tape
Tape Width 12mm 12mm
Tape ID 75mm 75mm
Tape OD 120mm 120mm
Material Reels Al. Foil 2pcs 2pcs
Paper 6pcs 2pcs
Tab 1~10 sets 1~10 sets
Tape 1 pc 1 pc
Winding Type Radial
Tab Attaching System Stitching (230*80)/cold welding
Tension Control Automatic Tension System
Power Source AC 220V 50~60Hz 3.5KVA
Air Pressure 5kg/cm2
Main Winding Speed 3000 rpm