Capacitor Winding Machine
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For Round Type AC Capacitor Winder - UNITRONIC


For Round Type AC Capacitor Winder

  • Single or Dual winding available.
  • One control board and a DC servomotor for each film reel, to provide the correct film tension and keep them in feeding smooth to guarantee the high quality wound.
  • The outside seal uses the digit display PID control (PID control ±1%). The products have good appearance.
  • Film reel quick locking by Air shaft, easy change material.
  • Burn off and stagger cut.
  • Process control system by IPC 486 computer, with hard disk to memorize 600 sets of specification, easy to change production specification. With a 14" color screen
  • Input of the instructions by touch-screen.
  • It has 3.5” disk driver, which is able to correct process and backup them.
  • Automatic indication function for self examining breakdown. When machine breakdown, it can self-testing to find reason and show the situation on the screen. It’s able to indicate the inspection and repairable methods.(The optional printer interface, to print out inner
  • Speed up/down rate setting functions, suitable different material features to set different parameters.
  • data or repair indication.
  • Unloading of finished wound elements by a conveyor to avoid damaged elements.
  • Two sets of electronic burn off control system, speed adjustable. For basic insulation, the two films are cut with a stagger to reduce aluminum waste, and avoid compulsory wound.
  • With multi-special functions to be option.
Wound Speed Max. 12000 RPM Max. 12000 RPM
Metallized Film Line Speed Max. 15M/sec. Max. 15M/sec.
Foil Line Speed Max. 0.1~1.2M/sec. Max. 0.1~1.2M/sec.
Tension Range 0.2~2 kg 0.2~2 kg
Pressure Roller 0.5~4.5 kg (Dual )/ 1~9 kg (Single)
Power Supply AC 220V / 380V 3Ø 50~60Hz, 6 KVA
Air Pressure 5 Kg/cm2 5 Kg/cm2
Ambient Temperature Max.30oC Max.30oC
Ambient Humidity Max. 40~70% Max. 40~70%
Weight About 2300 KGS About 2500 KGS
Dimensions (Unit: mm) W 2200 x D 1950 x H 2100 W 2200 x D 2000 x H 2100