Thermal Press Machine
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Thermal Press Machines - UNITRONIC


Thermal Press Machine

Our company is a leading firm in Taiwan which actively engaged in manufacturing Thermal Press Machine. We have always laid all our focus on our customers, their needs and demands which helped us develop products that meet their exact requirements.

This THERMAL PRESS MACHINE is particularly designed for producing metallized film capacitors and its function is to press and heat the winded elements in order to stabilize the quality and also increase the effect of automatic operation.
Power Source AC 380V 3f3W 50/60Hz
Capacity 10 KVA
Temperature Control Room Temp.~200°C, it could be adjustable. (Tolerance ±2℃)
Electric Heater Type Long Plain Type
Pressed Dimension 380mm ’ 420mm
Level Number Five Levels
Timer Press Heating: 0~10 Minutes
Pressing Method Oil Pressing Directly
Machine Weight About 1500kgs
Plane Precision of Pressing Board Less than 0.03mm
Maximum Working Pressure Min. 1.0Mpa ~ Max. 15Mpa
Oil Pressure Cylinder Diameter Ø 170mm
Oil Pressure Cylinder Travel 300mm
Tray Size 560mm x 480mm
Heater Power 2.2KW/Per Plate
(Each plate has 4 pcs of heater, each heater is 550W.)
Pressure Pump Motor Power 3f 380V 2.2KW
Rise Speed: 1m/Miunte, Down Speed: 2.5m/Minute
Pressure Pump Noise 60dBA
Machine Height 1800mm
Note: Note: We reserve the right to modify the above specification at any time.