Automatic Metal Spraying Machine

Innovative design, durability, high performance, and low maintenance requirement are the features of our Automatic Metal Spraying Machine. If you want to know more relative information about Metal Spraying Machine, please contact us immediately.

The Metal Spraying is a very critical operation in the manufacture processes of metallized film capacitor. Since the metal particles are produced by wire melted and high velocity to coat in the end faces, it makes contact with the capacitor winding primarily by partial penetration of the pockets in the end faces formed by staggering the films. Factors which affect the degree of penetration are mainly the velocity of the metal spray particles and their size. So the following important factors are influential capacitors quality: The temperature of metal spray particles, the size of metal spray particles, the velocity of metal spray particles, the average of metal spray particles

Incorrectly selected spray equipment can cause severe damage to end faces of the windings and produce unacceptably high power factor capacitors. The AUTOMATIC METAL SPRAYING MACHINE is designed through our comprehensive research and accumulated ten-year of experience; as the requirements of regarding above specially performance of metal spraying in metallized film capacitor.
  • By using DC electric ARC system, sprayed metal particle is very fine and strongly adhered to film surface which enables you to produce high qualified uniform capacitors.
  • Closed shut system can improve the working environment wth no noise and no dust in the metal spray room.
  • 3 reels turn table and 2 guns system enables non-stop operation:
    Elements Setting → Shutter Open → Elements In and Finished Elements Out → Shutter Close →
    Gun Move → Elements Turn → Air Shower → Spray Start → Spray End → Air Shower → Shutter Open.
  • Elements setting apparatus enables safe elements input and avoid products damage.
  • Each gun can set the numbers of spray times and by using the in-built program of different turning
    R.P.M. between border and center of disk, metal sprayed thickness is very uniform at any point.
  • Gun is operating only when the elements disk is arrived at spray position and it can save material consumption.
  • Spray distance can be adjusted by remote control system in order to get the best spray condition.

Ment Disk Size Dia.: Max .550mm
Thickness: Max. 105mm
Disk Speed: 15~60 R.P.M. (Adjustable)

Spray Wire Material Zinc, Lead, Tin Lead, Tin Copper, etc.
Spray Wire Dia. Ø1.6~2 mm
Wire Feeding Speed 0~7000 mm/Min. (Adjustable)
Spray Distance 150~350 mm (Adjustable)
Spray Productivity Within 3.5 Min / 4 Times spray on 1 side
Spray Electricity Input Power AC 380V Ø3 20KVA
Output DC Voltage 18~30V
Output Current Max. 200A
Air Pressure 1st Gun 7 kg/cm2
2nd Gun 4.5~5 kg/cm2
Consumption Min. 3 m3
Layer Thickness 1st Layer: 0.30~0.35 mm (Adjustable)
2nd Layer: 0.23~0.28 mm (Adjustable)
Machine Dimension L2700 x W2000 x H2250 mm
Machine Weight About 750 kgs


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Automatic Metal Spraying Machine
Innovative design, durability, high performance, and low maintenance requirement are the features of our Automatic Metal ...
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