Established in 1994, UNITRONIC is Taiwan's professional capacitor equipment supplier. UNITRONIC started the design of DC capacitor winding machine to lithium battery winding machine nowadays. A variety of peripheral equipments have been developed and sold worldwide. UNITRONIC has its own strong R&D groups and complete manufacturing capability. Besides capacitor field, we can also design other kinds of automatic equipments and manufacture precise mechanical parts for customers, We continue to innovate our products to fulfill the present and future needs of our worldwide customers.

Round Type AC Capacitor Winder | Best Choice

UNITRONIC AUTOMATION CO., LTD is Taiwan's leading manufacturer of For Round Type AC Capacitor Winder. UNITRONIC AUTOMATION CO., LTD specializes in servicing the For Round Type AC Capacitor Winder needs of businesses locally and across the country. We believe For Round Type AC Capacitor Winder is the best option for you. Our company provides For Round Type AC Capacitor Winder, AC Capacitor Winder, Round Type AC Capacitor Winder with high quality and competitive price. If you require smaller volumes of a wide range of For Round Type AC Capacitor Winder or immediate production needs, please contact us.
For Round Type AC Capacitor Winder - UNITRONIC


For Round Type AC Capacitor Winder

  • Single or Dual winding available.
  • One control board and a DC servomotor for each film reel, to provide the correct film tension and keep them in feeding smooth to guarantee the high quality wound.
  • The outside seal uses the digit display PID control (PID control ±1%). The products have good appearance.
  • Film reel quick locking by Air shaft, easy change material.
  • Burn off and stagger cut.
  • Process control system by IPC 486 computer, with hard disk to memorize 600 sets of specification, easy to change production specification. With a 14" color screen
  • Input of the instructions by touch-screen.
  • It has 3.5” disk driver, which is able to correct process and backup them.
  • Automatic indication function for self examining breakdown. When machine breakdown, it can self-testing to find reason and show the situation on the screen. It’s able to indicate the inspection and repairable methods.(The optional printer interface, to print out inner
  • Speed up/down rate setting functions, suitable different material features to set different parameters.
  • data or repair indication.
  • Unloading of finished wound elements by a conveyor to avoid damaged elements.
  • Two sets of electronic burn off control system, speed adjustable. For basic insulation, the two films are cut with a stagger to reduce aluminum waste, and avoid compulsory wound.
  • With multi-special functions to be option.

Wound Speed Max. 12000 RPM Max. 12000 RPM
Metallized Film Line Speed Max. 15M/sec. Max. 15M/sec.
Foil Line Speed Max. 0.1~1.2M/sec. Max. 0.1~1.2M/sec.
Tension Range 0.2~2 kg 0.2~2 kg
Pressure Roller 0.5~4.5 kg (Dual )/ 1~9 kg (Single)
Power Supply AC 220V / 380V 3Ø 50~60Hz, 6 KVA
Air Pressure 5 Kg/cm2 5 Kg/cm2
Ambient Temperature Max.30oC Max.30oC
Ambient Humidity Max. 40~70% Max. 40~70%
Weight About 2300 KGS About 2500 KGS
Dimensions (Unit: mm) W 2200 x D 1950 x H 2100 W 2200 x D 2000 x H 2100

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